Colin Hemphill

A web developer and noise-maker in Austin, TX

Photograph of Colin Hemphill taken in his office

About Colin

I have worked in professional web development since 2013, and specialize in front end technologies like React. I strive to build beautiful, accessible, functional, and performant applications that make the web a friendly and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Over many years of building amazing web experiences, my career has continued to trend towards tech leadership and architecture. I execute on feature work and bugs with excellence in speed and code quality, but some of my best work happens outside of GitHub. Whether leading engineers and mentoring newer developers, driving architecture decisions, or planning complex projects, you can trust my expertise to take us from north star design to production-ready.

Audio and Music

As a hobbyist, I spend most of my free time working in music production and podcasting. With a bachelor’s degree in Audio Engineering Technology from Belmont University, a premiere music business and liberal arts school in Nashville, I do creative and production work for personal projects as well as volunteer work at my local church. During my time at Belmont, I worked in world-class recording studios such as Ocean Way Nashville and the historic RCA Studio B, and learned from top leaders in the industry such as multi Grammy winning producer Joe Baldridge, and former president of the AES Jim Kaiser.

My specialty remains in studio recording and studio/broadcast mixing, but I do live audio at church as well. I’ve been known to play guitar on worship teams, and in my personal time I act as the producer and guitarist for the electronic rock duo dot.darkness. My wife and I also co-host a podcast called AniMonday which I am responsible for recording, editing, and distributing.

Personal Life

My wife and I live in Austin, but have also spent much of our lives in DFW. Together we enjoy video games, D&D, and anime, and have a Green Cheeked Conure named Mugi. We are involved at Mosaic Church Austin which emphasizes worship, community, and mission in a multiethnic, multigenerational context.

Professional Work

My favorite front end tools include React, Next.js, TypeScript, Vanilla Extract for styles, and Vercel for deploys. My professional work often includes these tools, and all of my personal projects are built with them.

My current position is Senior Front End Engineer at Bitly, who you probably know from those*** links that show up on social media, email newsletters, podcasts, and more! My role with Link Experience deals mainly with the core Bitly front end where users can create and manage shortened links.

If you would like to view my professional résumé, it is available digitally or as a PDF download at

Colin’s Blog

Read up on Colin’s explorations of front end web development, music production, audio engineering, and podcasting.

Personal Projects

Each of the following is a website that I designed, built, and shipped from the ground up! In addition to maintaining the web presence, I am involved in each as a hobbyist or as an indirect supporter.

The AniMonday Podcast websiteThe AniMonday Podcast logo

The AniMonday Podcast

A Randomized Anime Experience
I am the co-host for this anime podcast, and I also record, edit, and mix the audio for the show. The website is custom-built to integrate with our CMS and our Spreaker distribution network.
dot.darkness websitedot.darkness logo


Electronic Rock Band
dot.darkness is an electronic rock band comprised of Josh Sheehy (vocals, production) and Colin Hemphill (guitars, production).
Kayla Hemphill Counseling websiteKayla Hemphill Counseling logo

Kayla Hemphill Counseling

My wife Kayla is a Licensed Professional Counselor and operates her own practice. I manage the website and integrated the CMS, client portal, and scheduling services that she uses.
Strum websiteStrum logo


React component library and token-based design system
I built Strum with Vanilla Extract as my personal design system and reusable component library, but decided to make it a fully open-sourced project.

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