Colin Hemphill

A web developer and noise-maker located in Austin, TX

Photograph of Colin Hemphill taken as he was preparing for his wedding ceremony

About Colin

I have worked in professional web development since 2013, and currently specialize in front end technologies like React. I strive to build beautiful, accessible, functional, and performant applications that make the web a friendly and enjoyable experience for everyone.

As a hobbyist, I spend most of my free time working in podcasting and music production. With a bachelor’s degree in Audio Engineering Technology from Belmont University, a premiere music business and liberal arts school in Nashville, I do creative and production work for personal projects as well as volunteer work at churches.

My wife and I live in Austin, but have spent much of our lives in DFW as well. Together we enjoy video games, D&D, and anime, and have a Green Cheeked Conure named Mugi.

Professional Work

My current position is Senior Software Engineer at The Zebra, a website created to simplify insurance shopping by comparing quotes across hundreds of providers. At The Zebra, I create front end applications in React and Vue.js for our product team. I am responsible for implementing designs, building new features, and making continual improvements to our funnel experience. We focus on strict accessibility standards, performance, A/B testing, and maximizing conversions, while maintaining a user experience that makes the complex task of comparing insurance rates fast and simple. I am often responsible for managing tech initiatives on our Auto Funnel team, as well as mentoring lower-level developers.

If you would like to view my professional résumé, it is available digitally or as a PDF download at

Personal Projects

Each of the following is a website that I designed, built, and shipped from the ground up! In addition to maintaining the web presence, I am involved in each as a hobbyist or as an indirect supporter.

dot.darkness website
The logo for dot dot darkness. White text reading the band's name against a black background.


Electronic Rock Band

dot.darkness is an electronic rock band comprised of Josh Sheehy (vocals, production) and Colin Hemphill (guitars, production).

The AniMonday Podcast website
A banner logo for The AniMonday Podcast. The logo is centered on the image and manga-style movement lines come in from the edges.

The AniMonday Podcast

A Randomized Anime Experience

I am the co-host for this anime podcast, and I also record, edit, and mix the audio for the show. The website is custom-built to integrate with our CMS and our Spreaker distribution network.

Kayla Hemphill Counseling website
Logo for Kayla Hemphill Counseling. Centered white text against a green background. The logo icon is a chat bubble with the letters "KH".

Kayla Hemphill Counseling

My wife Kayla is a Licensed Professional Counselor and operates her own practice. I manage the website and integrated the CMS, client portal, and scheduling services that she uses.

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