Colin Hemphill

A web developer and noise-maker in Austin

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Hello, I’m Colin 👋

I’ve lived in Texas most of my life, and grew up fascinated with both computers and music.

In my full-time career I make software, with an emphasis on front end technology like React.

With training in audio engineering and music, I spend much of my free time in my home studio.

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Creating Quality Software 🧑‍💻

My goal is to make the web a friendly and enjoyable place for everyone.

  • Design and build amazing front end experiences.
  • Lead teams through technical expertise.
  • Advocate for inclusion and accessibility.
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Personal Projects

Each of the following is a website that I designed, built, and shipped from the ground up! In addition to maintaining the web presence, I am involved in them as a hobbyist or as an indirect supporter.

The AniMonday Podcast logo

The AniMonday Podcast

A Randomized Anime Experience

I am the co-host for this anime podcast, and I also record, edit, and mix the audio for the show. The website is custom-built to integrate with our CMS and our Spreaker distribution network.

dot.darkness logo


Electronic Rock Band

dot.darkness is an electronic rock band comprised of Josh Sheehy (vocals, production) and Colin Hemphill (guitars, production).

Kayla Hemphill Counseling logo

Kayla Hemphill Counseling

My wife Kayla is a Licensed Professional Counselor and operates her own practice. I manage the website and integrated the CMS, client portal, and scheduling services that she uses.

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The Anime Randomizer

Randime was created as a supplement to The AniMonday Podcast in order to randomly choose an anime to watch. Today it's a standalone website for discovering new anime!

Get In Touch

Colin is pretty busy, but if you’re not spam he will do his best to get back to you! Please do not reach out if you’re recruiting for opportunities in Web3, crypto, AI/ML, or finances.