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My go-to tools, gear, and software

Office Gear

My office serves as a mixed-use space where I spend most of the week at my full-time remote job, but also as my fully-equipped home studio. My audio gear doubles as video conferencing and live-streaming equipment.

Home Hardware

General Software

Music Gear

  • Mayones Guitars & Basses. Mayones makes what I consider some of the finest instruments in the world. Models like the Duvell and Regius are popular among many types of metal and rock players, but they also have classic models like the Strat-style Aquila and the Telecaster-style Legend. I play a beautiful Regius Gothic Core 7 in antique black.
  • Fender Guitars. I play a vintage 1968 Telecaster in mustard yellow that my dad originally purchased secondhand. While we’ve kept much of it in its original state, it has also been modded and upgraded quite a bit over the years for modern playability.
  • Stringjoy. These strings are handmade in Nashville and come in a wide range of materials and sizes. My strings come every couple months with a custom 7-string set (10–74) for the Regius, and the Husky Light (10–50) set for the Telecaster.
  • Seymour Duncan. My Regius is packed with the Nazgul/Sentient pair, and my Telecaster is packed with the Hot Rails Telecaster set.
  • Neural DSP. My tones all come from a Neural DSP Quad Cortex
  • Templeboards.
  • Mission Engineering.
  • 64 Audio.

Music Production Software

Audio Engineering


Video Games